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Organic Fertilizer
Liquid Fertilizer

Soy Food Substrate (SFS), 13-0-0: derived from Soy flour. SFS is high in readily available WIN Nitrogen, but void of P (Phosphorous) and K (Potassium). For this reason, those who use SFS like it because it adds quick release nitrogen and stimulates a wealth of biological activity. SFS is a wettable powder and may be applied by itself or as an additive with most companion materials - best applied in liquid tank mixes.

Nature's Essence FH, 2-3-1: derived from Hydrolyzed Fish. Nature's Essence is compatible with most other liquid materials, 100% water-soluble and is suitable for conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications.

Blood Meal, 13-0-0: derived from non-prohibited Ruminant blood meal.

LC 5-0-0: derived from Natural Nitrate of Soda and soluble Humic Acids. Great for cold or warm climates. The water soluble nitrogen is fully available to plants and micro-organisms. The humic acid helps sequester the N and buffer the salt index. It is compatible with most liquid materials, 100% water-soluble and is suitable for conventional liquid, foliar and irrigation-water applications

LC 5-0-3: same as LC 5-0-0 except with added Sulfate of Potash.


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